Have you recently moved to the Edmond/Oklahoma City area? 

Do you feel disconnected? Lonely? Need to get plugged in?

This class is the place for you! Join other women who are new to the community, and bask in the encouragement of loving teachers who have had the “moving” experience.

As a bonus, prepare to share lots of FUN and LAUGHTER as you learn about your new surroundings. You might even learn things about Edmond/Oklahoma that you never thought to ask — and there will be lots of “made in Oklahoma” prizes along the way!

This class is for women of all ages, and tentatively childcare will be provided through age 5. There is no charge for the class, but there is an optional book available. You can also purchase the book at the first-class session.

This class is free but requires registration and meets September 7-November 9, 9:30-11:30 AM. Register for Unpacking the Boxes here.

Memorial Road Church of Christ 2221 E. Memorial Rd, Edmond, OK 73013