Ingenious Uses for Unused Spaces

If you take a walk around your house, you might find many areas that seem “useless” or “wasted.” Sometimes a home’s unique design creates little alcoves or niches above or below a staircase, or in other areas of the home. This might seem unimportant to you, but it could be a substantial missed opportunity if you think about it. Change everything for the better by using just a little bit of creativity.

Think about all the nooks and crannies in your home that appear to be empty spaces. It is not difficult to arrange seating, tables, and other furniture to make these spaces more functional. A whole wealth of options suddenly becomes available once you start thinking creatively.

For example, many homeowners are designing their “loft” spaces into playrooms. Place baskets and cubbies in the play area to better organize toys. You could also bring in a few comfortable cushions or bean bag chairs for those who come to visit. Make the space dynamic and valuable. You could even paint a mural on the wall of your child’s favorite TV show characters. This space can also expand as your children grow, and as they do, it will change to meet their needs.

Many of these seemingly insignificant locations may serve as a great place to add home storage space. Additional storage can be found in small areas all around the house, especially around doorways and in closets. Sliding cabinet racks that pull out and then slide fully back into the wall are also good additions.

Do you want to work out, but hate the idea of leaving home? Then utilize the extra space you have to set up your own personal gym! It is fine to use a loft area, a spare room, or even the garage as a studio. To complete your home gym, you have the option of adding any type of equipment you prefer, whether it be the treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, or weights. You’ll be working out in no time at all!

Bring in an interior designer or general contractor to help you brainstorm options and discuss what you want and your available options. It is even possible that they can offer thoughts you have not even considered.