3 Things to Put Away When Staging Your Home

When preparing your home for prospective buyers, there are several things to consider. Not only do you want prospective buyers to be able to envision your home as theirs, but you also want to create a neutral, yet inviting space for them. Staging is also important for the photos that go online. Did you know over 43% of buyers choose their home online before they ever see it in person? Yes, that is true! So staging is important from multiple angles in the transaction. Below are 3 things to put away when staging your home.

  1. Your family photos- as beautiful as your family may be, the ultimate goal is to sell your home. If your personal photos are on display for all to see, it becomes a lot more difficult for the buyer to visualize themselves living in your home and seeing past those photos.  
  1. Kitchen Countertops- Any appliances stored on your kitchen counter should be put away so buyers can see how much space they will have to cook their favorite meals. Air fryers, instant pots, coffee pots, crock pots and toaster ovens are wonderful, but they take up quite a bit of space and make the kitchen look smaller. Same for bathrooms. Clean everything you can off of the countertops.
  1. Clutter- Your home should be a sanctuary for prospective buyers. Unwanted clutter can make your home seem smaller and messy. Anything that you can pack up or hide nicely in a closet will help your home look organized and clean. 

When selling your home, you want to put your best foot forward by creating a clean and inviting space. The RED Team offers expert advice and can help you stage your home to get it SOLD asap!