New Construction Home Considerations

While many buyers prefer new-construction homes, believing that they will be in better condition and a better long-term investment, a significant portion of buyers choose existing homes because they know the value will rise over time.

While this can be true, buyers should also be aware of certain aspects when shopping for new builds.

Quality – New construction does not always mean equal construction, and some builds are of higher quality than others. Be sure to request a walk-through of the home’s construction plans to see if any issues were missed and better understand the materials used to build the home.

Reputation of the builder – Before purchasing a home, you should conduct thorough research to ensure that you are buying from a reputable builder—do your homework and learn everything you can about the builder and their reputation in your area.

Designs – Many home builders provide buyers with the option of customizing various aspects of their home (countertops, flooring, and fixtures). Before you commit to a new construction project, make sure you understand the features that come standard with the home, the various design and customization options, and the cost of upgrading to a higher-end model.

New-construction homes can be a fantastic investment for your next home purchase—as long as you know what to look for during the home-buying process. The RED Team can offer guidance as you embark on this exciting journey!