Spring is the Year’s Strongest Real Estate Market

Make the Most of It with These Easy Home-Selling Hacks

In most areas, the spring months are considered the best time of year for selling your home. With pleasant weather for house hunting and many families hoping to move over the summer when the kids are out of school, the number of buyers who are actively searching reliably increases during the spring. Therefore, if you are selling your home, there’s a good chance that making a strong first impression now could lead to a quick and profitable sale. Here are a few simple hacks to help your home shine this spring.

– Tidy your yard. Everyone is drawn to the outdoors after a long winter, so be sure that your yard is looking its best. Start by clearing out fallen leaves, dead vegetation, and other debris, trimming shrubbery, and mowing the lawn at a diagonal, which can make it appear larger. Ensure that all walkways are clear and there is nothing blocking your home’s windows that could prevent the sunlight from streaming in.
– Clean the windows, mirrors, and drapery. Aside from trimming the foliage near your windows, another way to let some natural light into your home is to ensure that the windows are sparkling clean—as well as the mirrors, as they reflect back the sunshine. Additionally, thoroughly cleaning your drapes and other window coverings to rid them of accumulated dust will give your home an airy, inviting feeling and will make it easy to let in a breeze if you choose to open the windows before a showing.
– Add some warm colors. Spring is the season for bright, energizing colors, such as warm yellows, greens, purples, and peachy pinks. Finding ways to bring these hues into your home can make it feel fresh and spring-like. For example, consider setting out floral arrangements with vibrant tulips or daffodils, or accenting your furniture with colorful throw pillows and blankets.

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