Get the Most Bang On Your Kitchen Makeover

Homeowners, now working from home and quarantining,  are noticing the space they spend most  of their time may have some shortcoming that could use some improvement.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the spot where we gather the most, so naturally it becomes the areas of the home most of us want to remodel.

Here are some ideas of simple changes that can give your kitchen what feels like a complete makeover, from a low budget to a higher budget:

Low-Cost Upgrades

Trade out cabinet pulls, sinks, and/or light fixtures around your kitchen is all you need to do to update the look of the room. Shop around at Walmart, Target, thrift stores, and online retailers like Amazon for affordable hardware.

Medium-Cost Upgrades

A simply way to make a big difference is to add color to the room. Add a splash of color and paint your kitchen island a dramatic, bold color.  Refinishing your cabinets is an affordable way to make a change without having to tear out and completely replace your existing cabinets.

Higher-Cost Kitchen Upgrades

If you have a larger budget and want to make a big impact, upgrading your island with a high-end choice of Quarts is very popular. Customize your kitchen with new cabinet doors and custom built-in storage like roll out shelves, pull out trash bins, electric mixer lift, and built in wine racks all tailored to your lifestyle.