Snowed in?

Right now we may all feel like we’re still stuck in the middle of winter, with several inches of snow and the subzero temps hitting Oklahoma especially hard.

As adults we may feel trapped or stranded in a house full of stir-crazy kids, but can’t you just hear the collective shouts of sheer joy from children! It may be too cold to be outside for more than a couple minutes, so lets find some fun indoor activities.

If you’re expecting to be snowed in this week here are some fun ways to make the most of it.

  1. Make your own play-dough.
  2.  Bake a cake in a mug,
  3. Get messy with DIY slime.
  4. Put together indoor marshmallow snowmen for a sweet treat.
  5. Play Snow Day Bingo
  6. When the adults need some quiet time, give in to the snow day movie…for everyone’s sake.