Generally, spring is the busiest season for real estate—but as with most other areas of life, the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered this spring unimaginably different. A few short months ago, many places were experiencing a strong seller’s market, with high demand from buyers and low housing inventory. However, due to “social distancing” measures, many prospective buyers are delaying their house hunts.

Despite the challenges and tragedies of this unprecedented situation, home buyers are suddenly facing much less competition—an advantage that could disappear once fears of the virus abate. If you are searching for a new home at this time, here are a few tips for continuing your house hunt from a safe distance:

Scour listing photos for red flags. Since you might not be able to instantly see a home in person, pay particularly close attention to what the listing photos are showing you—and what they’re not showing. For example, if there are more photos of the exterior than the interior, it could be an indication that the interior needs work; if the blinds are closed in a photo, they could be hiding an unappealing view; and if photos appear stretched out, they may have been modified to make rooms appear larger.

Ask your realtor or the listing agent to give you a more realistic view of the home via FaceTime. After reviewing the listing photos and virtual tours, think about concerns you may have or parts of the home of which you’d like a more up-close view. Coordinate with the agent to show you these spots using FaceTime.

Scope out the neighborhood. As always, location is arguably the most important factor to consider when you are choosing a new home. Fortunately, tools like Google Earth allow you to get a feel for a neighborhood without leaving the safety of your current abode.


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