Whether you simply want to reduce expenses or you’re seeking a smaller, lower-maintenance home after your kids have “left the nest,” there are numerous reasons to consider downsizing. While moving to a more efficient space can be liberating and help you free up a significant amount of time and money, it represents a major life transition for many people and therefore requires careful planning.

Regardless of your reasons for downsizing, here are three things to consider before taking the leap:

Which belongings to keep—and which to get rid of.

An essential yet tedious part of downsizing is getting rid of furniture and personal belongings that you no longer need. However, you don’t want to hastily toss items that have sentimental value or may be useful in the future. Therefore, one of the first steps as you begin the downsizing process is to sort through your possessions and determine what is essential for you to keep and what you could live without. When considering your furniture, measure its dimensions and think about how it may fit in your new home. Anything that would cause a smaller space to feel cramped may be a candidate for replacement.

Your hobbies and lifestyle.

In addition to sacrificing some possessions, downsizing may involve changes to your lifestyle and how you spend your free time, so it is important to carefully consider which activities you value most. For example, if you love gardening, it may be best to opt for a smaller single-family home rather than a condo or apartment. However, if minimizing maintenance is a top priority, community living may be best.

Space for pets.

If you have pets and will be moving to a condo or apartment, ensure that your new home is pet-friendly and has a convenient space in which to exercise your furry friends.

Source: farrellpropertiesvt.com

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