After you have decided you want to start the listing process, start cleaning up and preparing it for photos and showings! As the listing specialist for our team, I will be happy to do a walk thru to help you come up with a list of things that need to be done before we have the professional photographer come by. When the photographer comes over, you want them to capture all of the creative and spacious angles that showcase your home. Here are some tips that will make sure your home is 100% “show ready”! We know you still have to live in your home, but now your home will be a product on the market for sale and needs to be show ready! 

Home Exterior

  • Remove vehicles from driveway and front of house
  • Put garden hoses, tools, toys, basketball goals and bikes out of sight
  • Lawns should be manicured; trim shrubbery if necessary
  • Clear pool of debris, toys and cleaners
  • Clear back yard of pet waste/toys

Home Interior

  • Deep clean whole house (vacuum carpet, mop hard floors, countertops, windows)
  • Remove any sign of pets (bowls, toys etc.)
  • Declutter and depersonalize
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs


  • Clear counters of food, dish racks and cutting boards
  • Remove magnets, photos and papers from refrigerator
  • Hide garbage cans, brooms, mops etc.
  • Remove any large countertop appliances
  • Remove dishes from sink


  • Clear out items from under the bed that are visible
  • Put clothes, shoes and laundry baskets out of sight
  • Declutter nightstands, remove personal items
  • Put portable fans, heaters and trash bins out of sight
  • Tidy up desks, remove excess toys and posters


  • Clean counters of toothbrushes, razors, medications, deodorant jewelry etc.
  • Remove excess shampoo bottles and soap from shower and tub
  • Hide trash bins, scales, and laundry baskets
  • Hide toilet bowl brush and spare toilet paper rolls

Staging Tips

  • Put out fresh towels, folded and hung neatly
  • Use a bowl of fruit or vase of flowers to add color in the kitchen
  • Use lightbulbs of the same temperature in every room

Please call Terra Myers at 405-474-4242 if you would like her to come by and do a pre listing walk thru on your home so you can start preparing to sell your home in the future!