Beautiful living room with white couch, woven rug, green plants, white and blue striped pillows, wood apothecary coffee table, chalkboard wall decor, hanging iron light pendant.

It’s that restless time of year again where you’ve just finished Spring cleaning but something still feels so tired about your space. Until you get that nice tax return back you probably don’t want to be spending too much on updates so what’s a girl (or guy) to do? Never fear, there is a totally free and totally chic solution to your decorating woes. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave the house for most of these- which is great since you’re probably already there with the kids during the OKC Teacher Walkout (woop woop, we love our teachers!). So throw on your most comfortable pair of sweats and try your luck with these super cute, super free, Spring fixups!

furniture arrangement tips

First, begin by rearranging your furniture! This trick may seem obvious but it’s amazing the difference it can make! The beauty of it is that you can change it up once, and then twice, and then again until you like it! Have the kiddos help move around the furniture and they’ll be tired out before you know it and you’ll have a new layout you love! Mom (or dad) of the year!

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Remember that coffee table you banished to the garage or shed or saw on the side of the road the other day? Just because it doesn’t have a brilliantly shiny finish doesn’t mean it wouldn’t breathe new life into your room! After all, shabby chic is forever. You’ll especially love this idea if you’re a fan of the farmhouse style decor!

While you’re out there rummaging around looking for that table- be sure to grab a handful of fresh flowers from the yard! Or prune some twigs with beautiful little leaves and buds! Just another free option that will add a little life, color, and dimension to your room!

Bücherstapel, Kissen oder Kakteen: 14 inspirierende Ideen für einen Singlehaushalt.

Here’s another quick tip on dressing up your coffee table. Grab a serving tray or platter, set it on the table, add a few little knick knacks and BAM- instant trendy and cute centerpiece! This simple fix makes for an interesting and eye catching scene and it won’t cost you a dime!

Diy potpouri

This might not count as an update (unless your home smelled bad before) but it will only serve to make your home even more ready for spring without making you dive into your pockets. Cut up that one ugly orange that you can’t convince the kids to eat (or let’s be honest, yourself) and toss it into a simmering, shallow pot of water with some other herbs and spices from your pantry! A bay leaf, a dash of rosemary, a little vanilla, and that ugly orange and you’ll be cookin’! Literally! You probably won’t want to eat this ever but it will give off a fantastic aroma in your home! You can always do this on the cool Spring days and as it warms up just throw open the windows for a breath of fresh air! Awesome stuff for you & your space

EXTRA TIP: Alright, you caught me… this one does cost a little bit, but not much and it can make a world of difference! Buy a thin, decorative rug for Spring and Summer and put away the thick floor coverings you’d normally have on the floor during the Winter. You can find the thin rugs at a reasonable price and they’ll change the look of the whole room! Not to mention putting your normal rug in storage should eliminate some of the built up dust in that room!

Ah! Spring! A breath of fresh air and new life! We can’t wait for it to continue to warm up! In the meantime, we’ll be busily rearranging our furniture and selling houses! We’d love to hear about which tips you try! Good luck!




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