Tips & Tricks To Easily Update Your Space

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Ugh, Monday… makes me miss my binge watching Saturdays. Shout out to you highly motivated and productive people! Please give me some of that? While you driven individuals are up at 5am and training for the upcoming marathon I am waking up laaaaaate and fixing myself something delicious like avocado toast with a fried egg (if you haven’t tried that yet, where have you been? Trust me, you have to try it). Then I’ll waddle in my sweats back to bed or to the couch and watch endless episodes of ‘Flip or Flop’ since I can’t watch ‘Fixer Upper’ anymore (definitely haven’t gotten over that heartache).

I’m always amazed to see how these people take these decrepit homes  that have cockroaches or people camping out in the bathtub and make them into something remarkable. You have to have some serious vision to transform a space like that! I can hardly envision what clothes look good together let alone how to design and decorate my home in an aesthetically pleasing manner. For those of you that can relate to anything I just said, this one’s for you, sister (or brother, that’s cool): Expert advice on making small changes that will make a big impact in your home.

Gorgeous update to a farmhouse style home in Mill Valley

Updating your kitchen without going too trendy
You may have come to realize your kitchen needs a good dose of something to bring it up to speed with the times but you’re not entirely sure what that something is. Especially considering you don’t want to misstep and accidentally turn your kitchen into the Men In Black headquarters. To avoid this spaceship look but still attaining a more modern flare try switching out your backsplash for a simple subway tile but in a fresh color! Be sure to stick to simple white cabinets and countertops to avoid clashing too much!

Elegant contemporary powder room is clad in gray trellis wallpaper and features a round chrome balls mirror fixed between Hudson Valley Lighting Gordon Sconces above a black dresser-like washstand accented with square polished nickel knobs and a white quartz countertop.

Fixing up your bathroom without gutting
You don’t need to tear out your massive vanity and replace it with something new to get the look you want! Sometimes more simple adjustments can make the biggest difference! Take an afternoon and apply a couple of coats of a high gloss or matte dark colored paint (navy, forest green, black) to your current vanity. When that dries, you can swap out the hardware for something a little more modern! Apply an easy stick on wall paper to a statement wall and top that with a fabulous mirror over the sink.

Mid-century modern house in Newport Beach gets stylish makeover

Keeping a neutral color palette lively
Neutral color palettes, especially in bedrooms, are quite popular right now. One of the major risks you can run with such a simple color scheme though is it losing interest and becoming boring and muted. To avoid that mistake without adding color, try mixing in textures and patterns! You’ve got smooth white walls, glossy floors, and plain old (still beautiful but plain) soft blankets. Shake up the room with a faux sheep skin rug or throw and add wood or gold accent pieces. Have some fun with your light fixtures and pillows too!

Let us know if you try any of these easy fixes! We’d love to hear about how it worked for you!


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