The Cute New Trend You’ll See Everywhere Soon

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If you’re here for clothes, sorry this is not about clothing trends. Although, we should talk about that some time. Even if you’re here for fashion, stick around because you’re going to get some serious heart eyes for this precious trend you might’ve seen popping up around Edmond and OKC.

It’s called The Little Free Library and it looks a little bit like a bird house. You won’t find birds but books in these little boxes. The concept is this: take a book, leave a book. The book you return or leave behind is basically your library card in this scenario.

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You can keep them simple like this.

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Or be a little extra like this.

Either way, kids LOVE it! People often wish for the simpler times when neighbors knew each other and all the kids would play together. I don’t have kids of my own but I often hear that things are quite different now and people tend to keep to themselves. This sweet idea has already brought so many people together that would normally not have ever met. Putting up a little free library in your front yard is bound to attract other kiddos and parents. Otherwise, find your nearest little free library and you’ll surely have the owners come out and greet you. If not, you’ll at least have a great new book to read!

If you have your own little free library, we’d love to hear about it or see a photo!

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