Simple Steps To Make Moving A Breeze

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I HATE packing for any occasion! Even if I’m about to go on a wonderful vacation or only need to pack enough supplies for two days I still am overwhelmed merely thinking about it. I hate packing to the point that I will procrastinate until the night before my trip only hours prior to my departure to do it. One suitcase worth of clothing can take me an hour as I take frequent breaks to do other important things like scrubbing the baseboards in my house finally or learn the elusive art of baking macaroons.

If you’re considering listing your home or already have, you’ve probably also considered that with selling your place comes packing and moving. Seeing your home go under contract is so exciting but for those sellers that have been pushing the thought of boxes, and organizing, and vacuuming in the back of their mind it suddenly hits them like a ton of bricks… or heavy moving boxes. I sympathize with anyone who shares my fiery passionate dislike of packing and so I’d like to offer several tips that might help ease your poor nerves in the process of packing up your home and moving!

1. Break down the daunting process into smaller more manageable bites. Begin by sorting your items into four separate categories: keep, donate, maybe, and trash. With this tactic you won’t be bringing any lingering junk with you to clutter your beautiful new home and will make unpacking a simpler feat. After several months be sure to reference your maybe pile to and donate or throw away whatever you still haven’t used in that time.

2. Be patient with the process and yourself. It may take a while to sort through everything so be sure to dedicate plenty of time to do this. Life is unpredictable so you need to anticipate the extra time you might need to walk down memory lane as you pack up old photos and baby clothes. Leave yourself enough time for these detours and times your might need to reminisce.

3. Do yourself a favor and invest in some clear plastic bins. Skip the cardboard boxes this move as they can limit your view of what has actually been packed in a box. Trust me, this will make unpacking in your new home go by so much faster and be a lot easier.

4. You can eliminate a ton of potential clutter by throwing out paper. Take those expired coupons you have stuck to the fridge and throw those away. That water stained and old magazine you accidentally took home from the doctors office? Do we really need to keep that? Coupons, newspapers, old documents, advertisements, mapquest directions: throw them away. Unless you know for certain what you’re looking at is a vital piece of information that you reference at least once a week, it doesn’t need to come with you to the new house and take up space.

5. Most importantly- start now! Your home may not even be listed or under contract but there’s no such thing as starting too early when it comes to de-cluttering. Make your move simpler and easier on yourself by setting a time and date to begin dabbling in packing and cleaning. Your future self won’t most certainly thank you for the help!


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