Historic School in Edmond

Did you know the original school built in Edmond is still up and standing up? In 1889 a lady named Jennie Foster had the great idea to build a school. She gathered her friends to raise money and they ordered the wood to start building the new school house. In September of 1889, the first school day transpired with 19 students and by the end of the term there was 37 students. Edmond’s first school house has now been restored by the Edmond Historic Preservation Trust and it has been moved to the corner beside Jiffy Lube at 2nd St and Boulevard. You can visit it by private, scheduled tours if your heart desires. It really is a neat blast from the past about our own town – Edmond! Go to the Edmond Historic Preservation Trust website for more information and details about the school house. Years ago, we decided for our back to school post card that we wanted to take some pictures in front of the school and around it! Such a neat experience!  Go check it out for yourself!

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