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I may not be one for waking up early but I’ll do it for a good old fashioned deep clean! There’s something so satisfying about scrubbing out your bathtub and seeing how absolutely gross it was before and how blindingly clean it is now! Ahhh… I’m instantly soothed just thinking about it. With the first day of spring fast approaching, what better excuse to get cracking on cleaning is there? It’s Spring cleaning season! Time to wrangle all those dust bunnies that have made their home under your couch!

I’ll admit, I can get overwhelmed when I consider all the endless possibilities of things to clean. When that happens it’s easy to get bogged down! To aid you in your quest for clean I’ve laid out a couple of sure fire things you can do right now. Here are ___ ways to master spring cleaning this year! Be sure to let us know what your tips and tricks are too! We love to hear from y’all.

1. Keep Cleaning Supplies Nearby
This may seem really obvious but hear me out: stock both your bathroom and kitchen with any cleaning supplies that you’ll need to clean that room. Fill up a cleaning caddy with these supplies and wash rags/dusters to spare yourself a little extra time and energy by not running back and fourth getting what you need from other rooms!

2. Coffee Filter Clean
We don’t doubt that you have paper towels to use for this but we recommend trying coffee filters instead to clean mirrors and faucets. Weird, right? But they’re lint free and take up hardly any space when you fold them up. You’ll get an amazing streakless shine and no little left over lint hairs either! Plus, coffee filters last for like 20 years at a time if you’re only using them to actually make coffee.

3. Organize Under Your Sink
“I’ve tried that!” or “I’m doing that already!” no, we mean like pimp it out under there. Throw a lazy Susan under (we only want good work ethic Susan up here, SUSAN) there for your cleaning supplies that you don’t use every time you clean. Add some stick on hooks for your rubber gloves and regular cleanser so you have easy access to them!  The crown jewel of your under the sink space is the tap light or motion sensor light. You can buy these cheap and easily stick them to the inside of the cabinet so you have an easier time deciphering what is what down there.

4. Store Effectively
My kitchen is pretty dang small. Hey, I’m not complaining! It’s just a fact that I have hardly any room to store plates or pans. I’ve had to get creative with how I keep these things and get the most out of the space I have. Spring is the perfect time to reorganize your kitchen the way you’ve been wanting! Begin by turning one shelf into two! Wire shelf risers are cheap and help you take full advantage of vertical room in a cupboard that was not being used before! Another gadget that is totally helpful is a pan rack. These neat little guys allow you to put your pans into a cupboard on their side so you can fit more and don’t have to stack them!

Boom. Spring cleaning? Next subject. Let us know if you’ve ever tried any of these tips out or if you’re going to try one! If simply cleaning your house isn’t enough of an update for you this Spring, consider listing your home with The RED Team or we’d love to help you find something new!





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