What? I thought this was a real estate blog? Don’t worry- you’re still in the right place! Here around the Red Team office we have a couple of beautiful, glowing mamas-to-be! We figured this blog is a timely tribute to our baby mamas as they prepare for their new roommate to move out and in and might be helpful to any other expecting readers. If that’s you- I’m sure you’ve already begun or considered the process of baby proofing and have come to realize that these safety precautions you’re taking are U-G-L-Y YOU AIN’T GOT NOW ALIBI. So, here’s our take on how you can keep your little cutie safe without sacrificing your totally chic home. Let us know if you’re trying any of these out or what worked for you!

DIY - Get a pallet, foam, table legs, fabric and a staple gun.

I probably spend most of my time in my living room when I’m at home. It’s cozy, decorated just how I like, and it’s where people tend to congregate! Perfect for the whole family- except for babies. Unless, you intend to keep your little one on a leash like they do at Disneyland (hey- no judgement) you might need to consider what you’re going to do about your coffee table. The solution to those pointy and hard edges is to substitute them with a large, padded ottoman. If anything you can only incorporate more style into your space with a fun fabric… just know it might get juice spilled on it eventually.


Speaking of juice stains… this one’s more for the ladies with the white couches than for the babies with the juice. White couches are amazing. The end. They can pretty much only exist as a white couch, though, if you only look at them and never touch or breathe on them. For those braver than me- here’s a tip on protecting or salvaging your white couch from baby spit up and leaky diapers. Once again, it comes down to the fabric: buy a beautiful piece of fabric and have it made into a fitted sheet cover for over your cushions. The best part about this is you can change them out with different colors whenever you feel like it and it makes for easy washing!

Now, I hate to say it… but those beautiful brass candlesticks you have out there? Or that amazing antique vase sitting on your death trap- I mean coffee table?  I’m sure you already know this but for the people in the back: babies shouldn’t be around hard, or pointy, or fragile things. You don’t want to see those precious items destroyed and you most certainly don’t want your baby to be around broken glass. Swap those things out for light, safe, and natural materials that can even be played with! Unless your sweet baby has hulk like strength, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about your cute, new wooden bowl being smashed.

To any expecting mamas: good luck! You’re going to do great! And to Kiley and Allison, our Red Team mamas, we LOVE you and your babies and we can’t wait to meet them!

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