Simple Home Renovations Worth Investing In

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There’s nothing quite so satisfying as tearing out that orange shag carpet that’s been plaguing your basement since the early seventies. Anything other than shag is a step in the right direction when it comes to updating your home. However, after taking care of the initial and obvious eyesores, the world of renovations may appear vast and daunting. To make things easier, here are several simple projects that will boost your home value, refresh your space, and keep you sane in the process. We’d love to hear which tips work for you!

  1. Repaint. One of the quickest and most inexpensive updates you can give your home is a fresh coat of paint. This is an especially efficient tactic since you can DIY it and cut costs! Just don’t stop at the interior! Repainting the exterior of your home could be just the refresher it needs.
  2. Update Windows. The initial cost of this update will set you back some but replacing your old windows with energy efficient ones will save you in the long run! Not only can new windows cut back on your heating costs- they’ll add immense value to your home’s resale and step up your natural light game.
  3. Create An Outdoor Living Space. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in an area that winters in the single digits, chances are you still enjoy a lovely barbeque in the summertime. Most people do! Adding a deck to your backyard can add significant worth to your home’s value. Handle this project as a DIY and use the extra savings to add a fire pit, as well!


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