Keeping Your Home’s New Years Resolutions

As January draws to a close we are forced to assess how our New Year’s Resolutions have held up over the course of the first month of 2018. Goals in hand we bravely marched into the new year, but by now some of us have fallen by the wayside into the welcoming arms of hamburgers and fries and donuts. We held ourselves to a high standard (at least on the first day) but what about our homes? Have you made any resolutions to better your house this year? The beauty of resolutions is you don’t need to wait ’til next year to hop back on the wagon or create new goals for yourself and your home. Take this as a congratulatory pat on the back for making it this far or a fresh opportunity to start anew! With these helpful tips it’s never too late to improve yourself and your home.

  1. Declutter.  As you take strides towards the best version of yourself it is essential that you let go of mental and emotional clutter. Whether that be a toxic relationship, emotional baggage, or a bad habit- it has got to go! The same can be said for the clutter in your home. Excess junk can cause excess stress and limit your productivity, focus, and creativity. Though the process may be tedious the final result will be well worth your time!
  2. Tighten Up. Regardless of your current state, everyone could benefit from a little TLC. We could all use a visit to the salon for a trim or take a brisk walk on the treadmill. Caring for yourself every now and then will most definitely benefit your appearance as well as your mental health. If it could, I’m sure your house would do the same for itself but alas… if only, right? Even though home repair and maintenance isn’t always the most exciting business, I can tell you for a fact that mowing the lawn burns about 306 calories per hour and cleaning the gutters costs about 272 calories per hour. Skip the gym and spend some time making your house look good and yourself great!
  3. Healthy, Healthy, Healthy. In the end, looks don’t matter nearly as much as your health does! Exercise, healthy diet, and regular visits to the doctor and dentist will help immensely in the long run. Let your home help invest in your longevity by testing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replacing them if necessary. Check your house for radon, a common, carcinogenic gas in the meantime to prevent any serious side affects. You and your home can lead a long and happy life by taking precautions and having regular checkups.

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