Staging and Decorating 101

Here are a few things that I do in my home and wanted to share with you about staging your home to get it SOLD! Or you may just need some decorating tips to make your house feel like a home!

1. When in doubt, paint your walls a neutral color and decorate with a pop of color!

2. Don’t fill a room with stuff just because. It will become cluttered. Get rid of anything that doesn’t have a place.

3. Rob Peter to pay Paul…use old toys and containers to decorate. Put all the extra trinkets and stuff on a table and mix it up to create new decorations.

4. Use books to decorate, but take the paper covers off first. Stack them, lean them, and set them out on display. Put decor on top of them to make the decor different heights. Old Reader’s Digest add great color and patterns to a shelf or table.

5. Reuse old stuff in unexpected ways. For example, use an old tool box on the coffee table with greenery in it, use an old coke crate standing up on its side for a back drop, or use a mason jar to store pens and pencils.

6. Group things in odd numbers such as groups of 1, 3 and 5.

7. When you’re traveling think about art. The goal is to make your home about you! It should reflect who you are and your life experiences! Then your home will be full of people, places and things that are meaningful to you!

8. If you love it, get it! Buy trinkets and use them in unexpected ways. It adds “interest” in your home! Be creative! Don’t be afraid to mix old and new! If you’re sick of it, change it up!

9. Don’t use one theme throughout a room. Change it up and mix colors, patterns and materials. Don’t buy bedroom suits in sets. Mix and match to create character!

Have fun when you’re decorating! Be on the look out everywhere you go! You might find some new, neat stuff! Then own it!

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