Back 2 School and book bag storage!

The summer break is on a down hill slide and all I can think about is how much I love mud benches and hall trees! I also like to keep my house tidy and organized. Book bags thrown on the floor when we walk in from school drive me nuts, too! Here are some creative and easy hall trees that you could build in your home to keep up with the book bag chaos. Some people put them in the laundry room, others by the front door, and some in the garage. I love how one person used an old, church pew for seating, another used shiplap for character,  chalk board for personalization and another used rusted, corrugated metal for depth. Or you could just buy a cubby storage shelf from Ikea to make it really easy.  I just HAD to share a couple pictures that I found and that have me dreaming about mud benches!

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