7 benefits of using a real estate agent

While selling your home on your own is a perfectly doable thing, it can be quite tricky to get your home the attention it deserves. This is why we’ve put together a quick list of 7 great reasons to use a real estate agent!

  1. We’ll list your home at the right price
  2. We’ll make sure your home is presented correctly
  3. We’ll expose your home to a wider audience of buyers
  4. We’ll “sell” your home so that buyers offer more
  5. We’ll use the inspection results to negotiate better deals
  6. We’ll get your home sold quick
  7. We’ll make sure you get the most bang for your buck at the end of the day!

As realtors we have sold hundreds of homes, have access to tools like the MLS, and years of experience behind us. We’re so passionate about real estate that we’ve made it our lives! Selling your home is a big step that comes with a lot of big emotions as well. Fear, excitement, stress, joy; all of these are common feelings that can easily overwhelm sellers who just haven’t really considered the commitment it takes to find a buyer. Real estate agents soften the impact of some of those feelings by putting our skills to work to make sure you are the most prepared you can be for the next stage in life!

Here at the RED Team we are devoted to our clients and want to make the process of transitioning homes as comfortable and easy as possible. If you are overwhelmed at the thought of trying to sell your home solo, give us a call and let us partner with you on the transition ahead!

-Kim, Terra, and Kiley

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