5 Ways to Make Your Home Show-Ready!

1. Don’t get behind on weekly cleaning duties.

This is where most sellers fall behind. It’s extremely important to have a dirt/dust free home when potential buyers walk through the door. It gives the appearance that the home is well-maintained and leaves you feeling less overwhelmed when you get a call for a showing. You certainly wouldn’t want a buyer to rule out your home just because the mirrors weren’t clean and the counters needed to be wiped down! We recommend getting a plan in place and never missing a cleaning session. The more you clean, the faster your home will sell!


2. Declutter, declutter, declutter!

Nothing can turn off a buyer faster than walking into a home overflowing with knickknacks and an abundance of furniture and other decor. We suggest you do a walk through to eliminate the “extras” that take up too much space, then after a day or two, do another walk through to remove even more items. If there are some personal items (i.e. family photos or special heirlooms) that you’re not quite ready to pack up yet, make sure there’s a place in a closet or drawer where you can quickly stash the item then bring it back out when the showing is over. If you have children, you may want to purchase extra containers that you can throw toys in and store in a closet or your garage.


3. Make your home light and bright!

If you’re generally attracted to darker curtains, furniture and bedspreads, it might be wise to invest in some neutral items to brighten things up a bit! As most people know, darker colors can make a room feel much smaller than it actually is, so this is especially crucial if you live in a home with a small square footage. Cheap, easy updates that would make a big difference in your living room are changing out your curtains, pillows, and area rug for a white, tan or gray color scheme. Additionally, you can add lighter bath towels to your bathrooms and buy a new throw to go on your bed or purchase a new bedspread. Lastly, if you have the opportunity to paint your home a more neutral color, this would be ideal as it would totally change the look in each room!


4. Remove all unpleasant odors from your home.

This is another area where we get negative feedback from buyers looking at our listings. This is one of the first observations a person will make when they step foot into your home and you want it to be a pleasant one! Investing in Scentsy candle, Glad plug-ins, or an essential oil diffuser will give your space an aroma that will improve the overall showing of your home. Ensure it is free of pet odor, cigarette smoke, or any other odors that would discourage a potential buyer from wanting to write an offer on your home.


5. Final touches.

Now for the fun part! Add a lovely flower arrangement to your dining room table or a bowl of fresh fruit to your kitchen counter. Open those curtains and windows and allow some fresh spring air to fill your home! As for your bathrooms and bedrooms, turn on all lights and even add a plant to your bathroom counter or bedside table that will add a fresh look to the space. Lastly, you can add a new  door mat to your front porch and a beautiful wreath on the door. This will ensure that every potential buyer will have an unforgettable experience when they view your home!


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