Become an Expert at Entertaining Outdoors!

During this Spring season, take the opportunity to organize some outdoor gatherings in order to get the most out of this beautiful weather! Have you considered using plastic rather than glass, bright colors rather than bland, or a few strands of lights to create the perfect setting? We have some recommendations below to help you wow your guests and create some unforgettable afternoons and evenings in your outdoor space!


First things first, start by adding a few of these elegant, unbreakable drinkware to your kitchen collection! These can be found at Pottery Barn and come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors!


Next, throw in some plates, platters and bowls with fun designs and colors that fit the season! These appear to be glass, but they’re actually made of melamine and are perfect for outdoor dining. These can also be found at Pottery Barn.


If you haven’t changed your old, worn out patio furniture yet, this is an investment you will not regret. This lovely table and chairs by Martha Stewart is an example of many that will give your outdoor space a pop of color and one that’s comfortable and inviting.


Lastly, it’s amazing what these simple lights can do for your outdoor space! As the sun starts to set, these will illuminate your back porch and will encourage the conversations and laughter to continue on into the evening. You can find these at a reasonable price at Home Depot.


We hope you have many enjoyable evenings outdoors with your family and friends this Spring!


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