6 Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell This Spring!

There are plenty of hungry buyers out there ready for homes to come on the market this spring! It’s the time of year when the most real estate transactions take place, so naturally, it’s the best time to get your home SOLD by The RED Team! But be aware that your house will be competing with many other homes which makes it all the more important to get your place in tip-top shape before it hits the market. At minimum, we recommend you complete all that’s listed below:


1. Time to spring-lean!


  • Replace the furnace filter
  • Clean your carpets
  • Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls
  • Clean all grout in your home
  • Make your windows crystal clear


2. Clean up your yard and add color!

flower beds

  • Mow the lawn
  • Trim trees and bushes
  • Put down fresh mulch
  • Power wash anything caked with dirt (front or back of house)
  • Repaint your front door, if needed
  • Get a new welcome mat
  • Plant some pretty new annuals


3. Bring life to the inside of your home!

living room

  • Change out your pillows for something bright and eye-catching
  • Update your bedding
  • Replace all curtains with something light and airy
  • Get a new area rug for the living room that you can also enjoy in your new home
  • Freshen up old pieces of furniture by giving them a new coat of paint


4. Start your packing now!


  • Pack items you do not use on a regular basis (winter clothes, keepsakes, etc.)
  • Make a pile of items you no longer use and donate them
  • Make your home as clutter-free as possible


5. Complete that list of repairs you’ve been putting off!

to do list

  • Check for leaky faucets
  • Fill in nail holes and repaint where needed
  • Fix any doors that stick
  • If feasible, replace anything that’s a little worn or inoperable in your house


6. Call The RED Team and we’ll begin the process of getting your home SOLD!

Red Team Professional Photo

Give us a call at (405) 474-4242 and we’ll schedule a time to discuss pricing and complete a walk-through of your home!

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