What’s Your Guiding Word for 2017?

Have you come up with that wonderful list of new years resolutions yet? Or are you so tired of setting resolutions that never come to pass, so you’ve decided to give up?

Well, for many years, I would set resolutions and lofty goals I so desperately wanted to achieve, but time and time again, these would never come to fruition and I found myself sad and deflated by February or March of that year. So, I went back to the drawing board and determined to have a goal, but make it so simple that it wasn’t easy to forget or fall behind on throughout the year.

What was this goal of mine? It was to come up with ONE word that I would incorporate into my life each and every day, and that I also recognize I could use some improvement on.

This next year, all of us here at The RED team challenge you to come up with your ONE word you’d like focus on. Below is a list of words to give you inspiration:


Whether it’s one from the list above or another word you’ve come up with on your own, it is our prayer that you would take that word and post it in your house, car, or on the backdrop of your phone and make it your goal to excel at doing that ONE word all year long.

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