Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Did you know that today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day? In honor of all those who died in the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941, I wanted to share my recent visit with you. Just a couple weeks ago, Brad and I traveled to Hawaii for a Keller Williams Realty Quantum Leap class. The class was amazing and definitely put a bounce in my career! But while I was there, we had to visit Pearl Harbor. It was emotional and yet so touching at the same time. The details and memorabilia the museum has displayed is amazing! They had us watch a twenty minute educational video about that day then took us on a tour of the Arizona ship that sunk in the harbor. It was really neat and sad at the same time when we toured the ship and saw it underwater. The displays and pictures were incredible of the ships, clothing, machinery and missiles. Here are a few pictures from our tour. Such a great experience! I definitely recommend it if you visit Hawaii! 










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