Get Organized This Holiday Season!

In the hustle and bustle this month brings to each family, take some time to get organized so you can cherish more quiet, relaxing evenings with your loved ones!  See below for tips and tricks on how to more efficiently set up and take down Christmas (which is now only 20 days away!)


Get Ready to Wrap!



Place rolls of ribbon on a tiered hanger and snip and tie in no time!



Use empty cardboard tubes to store those tiny pieces of wrapping paper you think you’ll never use! Trust me, they might come in handy with all the gifts you’ll be wrapping this month.



Safely store paper by wrapping each roll with a rubber band and store somewhere where the rolls will not be damaged!


Smarter Storage!



No need for packing peanuts when you have seasonal table linens and dishtowels to use for extra padding. This will help reduce the amount of containers needed for all of your beautiful Christmas decor.



Rather than storing decorations in random places, be purposeful and pack up decorations into containers according to what room they belong in. If you want to go the extra mile, take a picture of the decorated room and tape it to the outside of the container as a reference!


Last, but not least, keep track!


Use the notes app on your phone to keep track of holiday dinner menus, gift ideas and other reminders.  This way, your most important lists are always with you!


Do you have any clever ideas to make this holiday season less hectic?  Please share them with us!


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