As guests enter your home on Thanksgiving Day, they’ll begin to smell the delicious food cooking, see family & friends and begin conversation, and view the dinner table where everyone will gather for the evening.  There are many ways to simply decorate your table where you’re not spending a fortune and also providing that perfect environment for this special holiday. Below are tips and tricks to setting a perfect Thanksgiving table!

1. Get your table done early so you’re not rushing around right before your guests arrive.  We recommend getting the majority of it done the night before so all you’re left with are those last minute tweaks the day of.

2. Start with your table cloth or table runner — choose something that matches the mood you’re trying to achieve and/or the time of day you’re planning to host.


3. If you’re bringing in additional chairs that don’t match your traditional dining room set, not to worry! Just be sure to arrange thoughtfully so there’s a nice balance between folding chairs, your neighbors chairs, and any other chair you found in your house!

4. Just as the chairs do not have to match, neither do the plates, silverware, and glasses. Mix and match these items, and again, be thoughtful about the placement so there’s an adequate balance.

5. Below is an example of a traditional place setting. This can be done in a variety of ways, but pre-setting the table will give you an idea of how much room you have to work with for your centerpiece.


6. For every six guests, it’s recommended that you provide condiments such as salt & pepper, bowls of cranberry sauce, butter dishes, and gravy boats spread throughout the table.  It makes it much easier for your guests as they are preparing their food for consumption.

7. Now for the fun part — decorating the center of your table! See below for inspiration:

table-1 table-2 table-3 table-4

The possibilities are endless! Small gourds, pumpkins, low flowers, candles, and greenery are some of our favorites.

8. Lastly, so your guests aren’t forced to plan a seating arrangement, take care of it for them! Place cards are a simple way to make your guests feel special and add another decorative touch to your table.



We hope these recommendations help you to host an exceptional Thanksgiving dinner this year!


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