Aluminum Foil: Your New Favorite Household Product

Did you know there are multiple ways to put your aluminum foil to use? We typically use it for cooking, but have found five additional ways and wanted to pass them along to you!

1. The Scissor Sharpener

White fur with tailor scissors close up background

If you’ve found over time that your scissor blades have become dull, rather than throwing out the old and buying new, take a sheet of foil and fold it in half twice to create four layers.  Next, begin cutting through the foil several times and this will resharpen those old blades!

2. The Rust Remover


For household fixtures and vehicles that have difficult areas of rust, simply rub these surfaces with crumpled foil and you’ll begin to see the rust disappear!

3. The Multipurpose Funnel


It’s as easy as it looks above!  Whenever you’re in need of a funnel but don’t have one handy, pull out the foil and form it into a cone with a small hole at the bottom.  This will alleviate all unwanted spills in the kitchen!

4. The Speedy Clothes Dewrinkler


Spend less time ironing by placing a long strip of foil below your ironing board cover.  The foil will absorb heat and will help as you iron out those stubborn wrinkles!

5. The Paint Drip Capturer

door knob

Never again let paint drip on door handles, knobs, and drawer pulls. Simply wrap them with foil and quickly remove when the painting is finished!

Do you know of any other ways to use foil in your home?

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