The RED Team Tips & Tricks #4- Storm Safety

When the storm is coming, act quickly to minimize damage and maximize safety!


Here are just a few pointers to remember during or before a storm:

  • According to the experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute, if there is a risk that water lines could be damaged, fill your tub full of water. This can be used for hand-washing and for pouring water down the toilet to flush it.
  • You should power down your house during a storm. Turn the gas, electrical and water completely off if there is a risk for damage. Turn off and unplug electronics. It will save time, money and stress if destruction occurs!
  • Close windows and window treatments in case a window shatters.
  • Be prepared to go to a storm shelter or a safe room in your home.
  • Cover plants that might be damaged by high winds or freezing weather.
  • Bring animals or items of value inside the home that might be hurt or damaged in a storm.
  • Put together an emergency kit.
  • Keep a flashlight in a common area where it stays so it is there in an emergency.
  • Listen to advice and instruction from weather professionals and emergency responders who know what to do during a dangerous storm.

Take the time to think through emergency situations so you can be prepared and ready for the storm to hit! Stay safe! And call The RED Team to help you calm the listing or buying “storm”! We are here to help you and make it as smooth as possible! Watch for an upcoming post on what to put in your emergency/survival kit coming soon!


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