There are several ways the price of your home is determined. It is not based on what you have in the home, what it appraised for, what you heard your neighbor’s home sold for, or how much it’s insured for.

The true market value of your home is:

  1. Based on today’s market
  2. Based on today’s financing
  3. Based on today’s economic conditions
  4. Based on the location
  5. Based on the buyer’s perception of the condition of the property

If you are wanting to sell your home, here are some important ways you can improve your property:

  1. Improve the condition of the home dramatically
  2. Offer good terms
  3. Improve the way the home shows
  4. Adjust the price

If you are looking to sell your house, call The RED Team to see what your home is worth! 405-474-4242


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