The RED Team’s Tips and Tricks #3: How To Save Money

The first step to saving money is setting goals.

  • What are you saving money for?
  • What does your time frame look like?
  • How much money are you wanting to save?

1. There are tons of simple ways to save money that we don’t even realize! Do you have clutter in your home? Go through what you don’t like or use and sell it! The easiest way to sell unwanted things of value is to post on websites such as Craigslist or share with your friends on Facebook.


2. Save your change! Collect your coins in a jar. You’ll be shocked by how much it adds up to!


3. Cook at home. Do you often eat out? If so, limit yourself to only one or two nights out a week. This will save you tons!


4. Spread the word. Let friends and family in on your plan so they can encourage you. Your friends will be less inclined to ask you to expensive shopping trips or pricey restaurants.


At the end of your goal, CELEBRATE!!! And remember that saving can be a part of your lifestyle!

What do you save for and how do you do it?

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