Where does clutter normally hide out in your home? For most people, its in their laundry room, pantry, or dresser drawers. We have solutions to identify and de-clutter these hot spots.


Is there a usually pile of clean clothes that sit on your dryer ? A good remedy for this is committing to fold your clothes in a bedroom so they aren’t left behind. Also, try getting rid of extra laundry baskets to help laundry not pile up.


What does your pantry look like? If you tend to go to the store and come back with items you already have, it might be a good idea to go through everything in your pantry. Start by checking the expiration dates and toss anything gone bad. Try organizing canned goods and smaller items near eye level, and placing cereal and larger boxes on top shelves.


Are your dresser drawers hard to close because they are over-filled? Take out everything inside of the drawers and organize them by type of clothing. Then, designate a specific drawer for each item. Anything that can be hung up, should!


What are some solutions you’ve found to de-clutter your home?


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