Want to Add Color to Your Front Yard?

Spring is the best time to plant flowers around your yard to add personality, and give your home lively character for the warm and sunny months. We have spoken with local plant professionals at The Garden Canter in Edmond to get their opinions on the most beautiful, low maintenance flowers that will last through the end of summer.

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The Begonia is a super easy plant that can take full sun or partial shade. Its an annual bedding plant with medium texture and blends great into any garden. It can also be coupled by more textured plants depending on what you like. It does require regular care and watering, but it is weather tolerable. The best way to plant begonias are by container planting, border edging, mass planting or in hanging baskets. It does best in well drained, rich soils and you can conserve moisture by adding mulch.

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 Coleus are easy-going plants with impossibly colorful leaves! They’re magnificent on their own in a flower pot, and their foliage lights up a flower bed. They are an evergreen bedding plant, which is also low maintenance. Similar to the Begonia, the best way to to plant coleus is container planting, border edging, mass planting or hanging baskets. There are dozens of different coleus, but they all have one thing in common: they are easy to grow and flourish in summer heat!

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Impatiens are the easiest plant to care for and illuminate non-stop color! Aside from regular watering, Impatiens are virtually maintenance free. Plant them, step back and you will be delighted with the results! They are great for full sun or shade. Be sure you water plants well after planting and keep them evenly moist until plants are well established, which should be in 7-10 days. You can also plant them wherever you would like because they flourish everywhere!

What do you have in your garden this season?!

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