Spring Cleaning Checklist: Bedroom


Our bedrooms are where we spend majority of our time, so it is important to keep them fresh. I’ve compiled a check-list of deep-cleaning tasks that go deeper than the basic wipe, dust and scrub to bring cleanliness all of the way back to your bedroom.

  1. Dump the dresser! Twice a year, I empty my 6-drawer dresser to sift through clothes (and miscellaneous items) that have accumulated since my last “clean out”.  I create two piles: a re-fold/organize pile and a donate pile. You’ll be shocked to see how much you have accumulated! Then, I organize my pants, shirts and undergarments in a neat order. It is a stress reliever, I promise!
  2. Fluff those pillows! If your pillows are machine washable, rinse in a mild, cold cycle with very little detergent. In the dry cycle, put two tennis balls in the machine to help fluff.
  3. Take command of your closet! This is my least favorite and most time consuming task, but it must be done. Check out this article that will guide you through the process as quick and efficient as possible.
  4. Tackle the floors! Vacuum no matter what type of floors you have.
  5. Clean your baseboards! Use an attachment to swipe the baseboards or you can wipe them down. Don’t forget to clean the baseboards behind your bed and furniture, too.
  6. Flip your mattress! This might sound crazy, but if you flip your mattress over and sprinkle with baking soda, it will keep it fresh and extend the life of your mattress… especially if you vacuum over it.
  7. Wash or dust your curtains! It is crazy how much dust they accumulate.
  8. Change you air filter and/or dust the air grate!

spring-cleaning-730x410 Have you started your spring cleaning yet? What are some helpful tips that you would like to share?

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