Fun Facts about Edmond, America!


Edmond really is a great place to GROW! Within the last 5 years, Edmond’s population has steadily increased, according to the 2015 census. Thanks to Edmond Economic Abstract, we were able to find out some interesting facts about our city– Edmond, America!

  • Edmond is located just 13 miles North of downtown Oklahoma City in the center of the state.
  • Median Age: 35.6
  • Total Households: 34, 439 (WOW!)
  • Average Household Size: 2.54
  • 2015 Edmond City Limits Population: 89,182

Traffic Counts at Top 10 Intersections

  1. 33rd and Broadway: 65,328
  2. 15th and Broadway: 56,500
  3. Broadway and Comfort: 48,313
  4. 15th and Kelly: 44,953
  5. 2nd and Bryant: 43,952
  6. 15th and Bryant: 43,850
  7. 2nd and Boulevard: 43,747
  8. 33rd and Boulevard: 43,357
  9. 15th and Santa Fe: 42,877
  10. Edmond Rd. and Kelly: 42,586

We love Edmond and its nice to know random facts about our beautiful city. 34, 439 is a lot of households, and our goal is to keep painting the town RED! Our website is , check it out! We serve the Edmond area and surrounding Oklahoma City areas for all of your real estate needs! 


What is your favorite thing about Edmond?

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