How To Get Your Home Sold This Spring!


As Realtors, we love springtime! The sellers are ready to get their homes on the market and the buyers are ready to shop for a home! We call this time of year the “Spring Rush” and its just the beginning of our busy season for real estate! You never know about the weather, but we think it is the perfect time of year to find a new and fresh home! Below we have compiled a list of things you can do to “win the beauty contest” when preparing your home to put it on the market:

  1. Create curb appeal – mow the yard, pull the weeds, trim the bushes, add new dark brown mulch, and plant colorful flowers
  2. Paint the front door an accent color and dust all around the front door and porch area (this is where a buyer stands in place the longest when the Realtor is opening the door)
  3. Clean your windows inside and out or hire someone to clean them.  It truly brings in more “clean” light into the home.
  4. Scrub your tile, grout, and wood floors until they shine! And have your carpet cleaned so it smells good and to take care of any stains.
  5. Dust all of your blinds, window treatments and ceiling fans! Dust all of the places that you don’t dust on a regular basis.
  6. Change out all of your air filters and clean the grates, if needed.
  7. We can all agree that spring weather is crazy in Oklahoma! So leave a front door mat at the front door for buyers to wipe their dirty feet before entering your home.
  8. Baked goodies always leave an aroma in the kitchen and usually get people to linger a little longer in the kitchen to notice nice amenities you might have.
  9. Organize closets and cabinets! It doesn’t have to be perfect or empty, but we like it to be “neat”.
  10. Clean off anything and everything you can off of the top of your counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. This way the work space looks larger. It is appropriate to leave a few decorative items.
  11. Staging wise…colorful pops of color throughout you throw are a must such as pillows, towels in the bathrooms, rugs, accent pieces and furniture, and art work. We don’t recommend that you spend a fortune on them, but hopefully it will be something you can use to decorate your new home also.
  12. Fresh flowers also make a home fell inviting while bringing in color and usually a nice fragrance in also. We prefer flowers over candles and sprays so you do not overwhelm a buyers nose.

When you are getting to close to wanting to list your home or even thinking about it, call Terra Myers, our listing specialist! She will come to your home and do a walk thru to help pin point any items that you need to do before you list your home. We are here to help you stage your home, get your home SOLD plus we love to help our clients! Terra’s cell phone number is 405-474-4242 or you can email her at


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