Winterberry Holly

If you are looking for something pretty to plant this winter, say hello to winterberry holly! This gorgeous holly looks great with its long lasting bright red berries after the dark green leaves drop for the winter. Winterberry is also known as Ilex verticillata or Winter Red.

This holly grows 6 to 10 feet tall and wide. It is a female cultivar and requires a pollinator for fruit production. You should plant one male in close proximity (within 50 feet) for every 6 females. ‘Southern Gentlemen’ or ‘Apollo’ are our pollinators of choice.


Over 40 species of birds are known to eat winterberry fruit and the dense branches provide shelter and nesting sites for birds. So it’s not only good for you aesthetically, but it’s great for the birds!

Winterberry needs full to partial sun, with a preference of 4 hours of direct sunlight, and well-drained or wet soil. It is in fact an ornament shrub, which means its mainly just for looks. It also grows slowly at about 12 inches per year, so you may not get the full affects until next year.

We hope you consider planting a shrub of your own! Landscaping and curb appeal make your home worth more! If you do, making sure to let us know and try to send a picture, too!

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