Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine’s day is coming quickly! If you are planning on spending Valentine’s night at home this year, here are some easy decorations you can do to make your home more festive.

Candy hearts and Candles:

This is a very easy decoration that is really cute and creative! You can buy all these supplies at Walmart.

Rose Bouquet:

For this decoration, all you do is hot glue a styrofoam ball onto a candle stick holder. Then you hot glue the roses onto the styrofoam ball. You can buy a styrofoam ball, the fake roses, and the candle stick holder all at Hobby Lobby.

Heart Mason Jars:

These are such a cute decoration! You can spray paint them any color you’d like.

Just tape the heart with painter’s tape and spray all around it. Peel the tape off and you are finished! You can get the tape, mason jar, and spray paint all at Walmart or Hobby Lobby.

What are you going to decorate your home with? Let The RED Team know and send us pictures! We’d love to see what great ideas you come up with.

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