Tips on Upgrading Your Home!

When you’re getting ready to list, here are a couple things you can do to upgrade your home and give it the edge it needs!

  1. Paint your door!

Giving your door a fun color helps to make it stand out. People will remember your home and it will look great! There’s even an app called Front Door Paint that helps you decide which color you’d like.

2. Use clever ways to hide your AC unit.

Whether using a little fence or bushes, these are great ways to hide an ugly AC unit. Some Home Owners Associations even make it mandatory that you cover it.

3. Make sure you power wash your front porch and driveway before you get your pictures taken.

Power washing makes all the difference in the world. This house looks 10 years newer on the right side thanks to good washing.

4. Buy new floor vents!

You can buy them online at amazon, or at home depot or other places similar. All you do if lift up the vent and place the new one in. They are really cheap too, averaging around $15. This is an easy fix that can vastly improve any room.

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you get ready to list.


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