What Most Buyers Don’t Want

Keep the below list of items in mind when you go to remodel or update your home. From our 35+ years of Real Estate experience, most buyers do not want these things in the homes they are buying…

  • glass front cabinets
  • wet bar
  • laminate or tile countertops
  • open master bathrooms to the master bedroom
  • elevators
  • florescent lighting
  • popcorn ceiling
  • dated appliances

If your home has any of these items, we can help you stage it to fix the issue a buyer might see or help you get an estimate to update the issue. Most of the items above can be updated for a minimum amount and will bring you more value when you go to sell the home. We want to help make your home worth more money! Call today if you would like the RED Teams’ assistance. We are happy to talk or come to your house when you are remodeling and updating to help with color choices and products, so when you are ready to put your home on the market, it is “show ready”. We tell clients on a regular basis to go ahead and update items in your home that need to be updated if you have the money and enjoy it while you live there. Then, you are able to enjoy it and didn’t just update it, list it, sell it, and never get to enjoy the updates you made and paid for!

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