The holiday season is known to be a slower time of the year in the Oklahoma market, but here are some insider tips on why it can actually be a really good time to list your home!

  1. Interest rates are low and buyers take advantage of that fact.
  2. There’s less competition of homes on the market, compared to selling in the Spring/Summer.
  3. Buyers may want to close quickly so they can move in before the holidays or over break.
  4. Buyers who are looking now are serious about purchasing.
  5. Buyers travel during their vacation time for the holidays to look for homes.
  6. Christmas decor and lights can help with curb appeal making your home seem welcoming.
  7. Cozy home decor can help sell your home if you don’t over decorate.

What do you think? Have you ever sold your home during the holiday season? Let The RED Team know how the process was for you!

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