The RED TEAM Thankfuls When We’re Out and About


On crazy days when we’re running around from showings to closings and back to the office, The RED Team has some essentials that we are very thankful for…

1. Vehicles

Without a car, we can’t drive anywhere! Our schedules are hectic and can change at any second, with a car, it’s easy to go from place to place for our appointments and make last minute stops.

2. Gasoline

Obviously without gasoline we can’t drive anywhere, but sometimes we gripe and complain about having to take the time to stop and get gas. In reality, it is such a blessing to be able to buy affordable gas.

3. Car Phone Charger

With the amount of phone calls we make on a daily basis, a charged phone is a necessity! And on days where our schedules are booked up, we don’t even make it to the office and we have charge our phones in our cars. Without it, we’d have to stop by the office or by our houses and sit and wait for our phones to charge. That would be such a hassle and would cut out from time we need to take care of our clients!

4. Sun Glasses

On bright sunny days, even in the winter, sunglasses are crucial for being able to see the road ahead. Kiley can’t function on the road if she doesn’t have her sunglasses on. Like they say, our futures are so bright we need to wear sunglasses. 😉

5. Clean Public Restrooms

This may be a silly one, but when you’re going from house to house for appointments, sometimes you have to stop at an OnCue or other places to use the restroom. No one likes using a dirty restroom, so we are very thankful to those who keep their public restrooms clean!

What are you thankful for when you’re on the road? Please share with us!



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