The RED Team’s Short Thankful List at the Office


Since Thanksgiving is THIS week, we came up with 5 things that we’re thankful for while we’re at the office!

1. Wi-Fi

Everyone can agree that slow wi-fi is one of the most stressful things in the world. Sometimes we don’t know how important it is until it stops working or slows WAAAAAAYYYYY down. When the wi-fi goes out, we can’t do our work!

2. Printer

With all the paperwork that we do, being able to print is so important! On crazy days where we have to run to different meetings and need specific documents with us and the printer is broken, its a nightmare. Luckily our printer here at our office is working smoothly. There isn’t a day that we don’t use it!

3. Paper Clips

We have so many papers in our files and on our desks. Without paper clips, it would be so hard to keep track of paperwork. In real estate, we do a lot of multi-tasking with multiple homes at one time. Paper clips save us from mixing up different files on different homes and keep our desks organized.

4. Pens

Everyone always has that one kind of pen that they use for everything. If I’m not using MY pen, something is off about that day. I am thankful to have a box of my favorite brand of pens in my desk. (Kiley)

5. Desk Chair

After running around from appointment to appointment, it is such a great feeling to sit in your comfy chair at your desk. Or if there’s a day where I am not running around, and I’m stuck at my desk with files and paperwork, sitting in an uncomfortable chair would not feel good.

Let us know what you’re thankful for when you’re at work!

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