Fire Safety

With the fall beginning it’s time to start talking about fire safety. Plus, OCTOBER is Fire Safety Month! The leaves and weather are becoming more dry than usual and fires are more likely to happen. That being said, The RED team would like to share a few tips to hopefully prevent future accident or injuries. We understand that some of these seem like common sense, but every now and then it’s nice to have a good reminder. We want you all to be as safe as possible!


  1. Create a fire escape plan for the whole family. Make sure your family can safely escape a home fire in less than two minutes. – (Fire Escape Plan Sheet)
  2. Have two ways out from each room (usually a window or door)
  3. Have a meeting place outside the home
  4. Make sure all smoke detectors in the house are working.  Replace the batteries at least once a year.
  5. Make sure to always pay attention to the stove tops, grills and all hot surfaces when cooking.
  6. Make sure to inspect all heating units. Make sure space heaters aren’t touching curtains or anything flammable.
  7. Keep track of things like candles, cigarettes and anything with an open flame.
  8. Faulty or deteriorating electrical cords are another top cause of home fires. Cords that become frayed or cracked can send sparks to flammable surfaces and start a fire. Check all of your electrical cords to ensure that they are in good shape, and replace any that are worn out. In addition, make sure you are not overloading circuits.


If you have any questions about housing or fire safety, feel free to contact The RED Team! (405-474-4242)FireTruck

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