H & 8th tonight!

As you walk down the street, the smell of food dances in the air. Pausing for a brisk moment you begin to breath in the beautiful aroma. However, the scent is a mixture of foods coming from multiple sources. Your stomach jumps with delight at the realization of choice. The decision is hard considering there are so many options at the food truck festival. You bounce back and forth wondering what could be the best choice for dinner. While there may be some hard food choices, one thing is certain. The feel of community at H & 8th and live music create a special atmosphere for anyone to enjoy. Even pets are allowed at the event. H & 8th is a family friendly environment waiting to entertain all who choose to participate. Community is an important part of what makes Oklahoma such a wonderful place to live. The RED Team wants everyone to take full advantage of the opportunities that surround our homes. We encourage community involvement and hope that the experience is well worth it. We love Oklahoma and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Let us know which food trucks are the best! Feel free to call The RED Team with any Questions!



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