Stuck inside because it has been raining!?

As much as we love the inside of our homes this rain has caused for a little cabin fever. The walls have seemed to close in and the rooms are a little less spacious than before. It’s not hard to get little restless when going outside isn’t as much of a possibility, especially if there are children involved. Although children are wonderful, it’s not always easy to keep them entertained. We’re in need of a little help to figure out some games and DIY (Do-it yourself) projects to do inside the house. It’s easy to play board games but what kinds of crafts or creative games have you guys been doing? We want your craft and game ideas! It’s always an enjoyable task to create little projects that make your house unique.   We want to see the kinds of things that you guys spend time doing inside with your families while it’s pouring rain outside. Comment with any ideas that could exert energy and create quality family time!

My children like to play games like Hungry Hungry Hippo, do crafts, paint, and play with play doh!

Oh and just so you know, the RED Team is still working when it is raining! Just give us a call if you or anyone you knows has a real estate need!

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