Life can be full of ADVENTURES!


Life is a beautiful adventure waiting to happen! It may not seem like it, but today will always be the best day to revel in the smallest of ventures, and sometimes the greatest of journeys. Every moment is simply meant for breathing. Breathing in the crisp air of life and dealing with the magnificent complexities that change us into the people we are.  It’s time to explore and adventure with every second. Whether your adventure is a job or simply going skydiving, it’s important. The surrounding world begs to be discovered and experienced with every fiber of our being. It’s up to us to see that. Possibly the most beautiful part of life is that each adventure will look different.   We just want you to soak in the beauty of life even during the hard times. Kiley and Blake decided one of their adventures would be going skydiving at Scissortail Skydiving in Shawnee, OK. How will you choose to live today?  Where will you venture next? If the next venture is finding or selling a house in Oklahoma City or Edmond, feel free to give The Red Team a call!



Here are just a few pictures of Kiley and Blake on their fun adventure at Scissortail Skydiving! ki

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