Are you considering building a home? Or buying new construction?


310 Prairie Run in Cedar Lake Estates by Moffatt Construction


The Red Team is here for you! We have sold more than a hundred new construction homes over the past couple years and have learned from each transaction new and improved ways about building a home plus great tips and tricks. Terra has contracted out and built two of her personal homes. Kim’s husband has developed neighborhoods and built homes in the past. And Kiley has worked in the family building businesses, too! We CAN help you in the building process. So many people think they will just go to the builder to buy a new construction home, but it doesn’t hurt to use the RED Team as your Realtor in the transaction. We have heard from past buyers who bought new construction homes that they wished they used us to build a home. Others say they didn’t because they thought it would cost them more. Most of the time, builders build in the real estate fee into the home whether you use a Realtor or not! Really?! Why wouldn’t you want someone on YOUR side! We can make sure things run smoothly, you get what you want, and WE fight for you! Some buyers say their building process went smooth and others say it didn’t, but we can help!


Kitchen under construction in a new home located at 348 Prairie Run in Cedar Lake Estates by Moffatt Construction

New construction is on the rise in the Edmond and Oklahoma City metro area. There is still room to build in town and out in the country! With home inventory being low, more buyers may decide to build. We can help you find the right neighborhood or piece of land to build. We can also get you in touch with builders that fit your wants, needs and styles in a home. We can set up meetings to talk to the builders, show you their spec homes (existing products) or even show you past homes they have built. Some builders have show homes so you are able to see their work on the spot and pick out amenities for your new home, too.


The living room is being prepared for texture and paint in this picture of 348 Prairie Run in Cedar Lake Estates by Moffatt Construction

Building can be a long process. We want to be there with you as much as you need or want throughout the process. Some buyers want us at every meeting with the builder. Other buyers just want us to come to the “bigger” or “most important” meetings.  Some of the meeting topics may include floor plans, elevation, how the home sits on the lot, paint colors, window sizes, electrical, landscaping, brick, room sizes and much more! We also want to ask the builder what his or her insurance covers, cleanliness of the building site, the process for change orders, and the list goes on and on. This part is our job! The buyer usually doesn’t know what to ask and that is where we step in from past experiences.


Secondary bedroom is almost ready for texture, paint and stain at 348 Prairie Run in Cedar Lake Estates by Moffatt Construction.

Some buyers don’t realize how much time it takes to build a home. It takes anywhere from 4 months to a year. It can be a long and draining process. We know building is not for everyone, some people prefer a home that is complete and has been lived in, but if you decide you want to build, just call the RED Team and we would be glad to assist you!

4800 October Dr-5

This home was built last May by McGregor homes and the RED Team was honored to help sell this home!

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